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The man behind the pixels.

Hello! My name is Max De Doncker. I’m a 28 year old webdesigner currently living in Antwerp, Belgium. For the past six years I have been absolutely passionate about design and especially webdesign. Everyday I strive to learn more and more. Because of my multimedia background, I have a wide range of skills. I try to use them all to convert my ideas into pixels. Want to check out what I have been working on? Visit my portfolio.

I graduated at the Syntra AB College in Antwerp, Belgium. Currently I am working full-time in the awesome Typografics-team where I can enroll my multimedia skills and gain some experience. You can see my personal Typografics-page here. I love talking to anyone about my passion for 3D art, good code and design. I'm always open for collaborations and all kinds of feedback. So even if you are not interested in my work, feel free to get in touch, and have a nice little chat with me!


My passion evolving over the years.

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